The Miami Stone Crabs Lacrosse 7 v 7 League rules follow the general guidelines of the USA Lacrosse Rules book. Minor differences and points of emphasis are as follows:


– Two 20 Minute Halves. 5 Minute Halftime.

– All games are running time and go off a central horn. All substitutions are on the fly.

– One time out per half. Clock will not stop during time out. No time outs under 2 minutes remaining in the 2nd Half.

– A game ending tied is decided by a 3 v 3 braveheart (2 field players & a goalie), which begins immediately after regulation time. It starts with a faceoff/draw and no substitutions are allowed during the Braveheart. First goal wins the game. *Championship games will go to a 7 v 7 sudden death overtime, and each team will have a timeout.


– 7 v 7 games. 2 Attack, 2 Midfield, 2 Defense, 1 Goalie.

– Offsides will be in effect.

– After a goal is scored, the ball is awarded to the scored upon goalie who puts the ball in play from his crease area. A referee must whistle to indicate play has recommenced.

– Each period begins with a faceoff/draw. Wing midfielders must be positioned to the left of the person taking the faceoff/draw. Attack and defensive players must remain behind the goal line extended until the referee signals possession. The goalie must also remain in their crease until possession.

– Team members must wear matching jerseys or tank tops which are numbered

– Boys: Maximum of two long sticks on the field at one time.

– No Coaches are allowed on the field during games.


– Penalties are called and served as they are in regular field lacrosse. The referee releases penalties under normal penalty release rules.

– FOULING OUT – 4 personal fouls or 5 minutes in personal foul penalty time.


– No Take-Out Checks are allowed at any level. A take-out check is defined as any check in which the player lowers his head or shoulder with force to put the other player on the ground.

LOWER SCHOOL – No body checking (incidental contact OK per guidelines. Incidental contact or use of hips on ground balls and on defense is allowed

MIDDLE SCHOOL – Body Checking is allowed per rules.

– 3 Yard Rule is in effect at all levels.


– With a 6 goal lead, trailing team will be awarded ball at midfield after goals (Unless waived by trailing coach)


1. Head-to-Head Record

2. Fewest Goals Against (GA)

3. Best Goal Differential (Diff)


– It is required that spectators/fans/parents be on opposite side of field from players bench.

– All expulsion/ejection fouls need to be reported to Miami Stone Crabs Directors (both coaches and referee should report)

– Coaches are responsible for their own behavior as well as that of their staff, players, and parents/spectators. The Miami Stone Crabs have zero tolerance for derogatory behavior and profanity. Maintain the integrity of both sidelines and the game.

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